It's always dangerous to say what you do, in case people think you don't want to try new things. If you have an idea or request that isn't on here, feel free to get in touch.. The more novel, the better.

Advisory work

lightbulb We've got decades of successes and failures we've learned from. If you have a new product or service and you want someone to help you avoid the mistakes they've already made, we'd be happy to help.

Behavioral audits

audit trail We'll mystery-shop your existing product, service or flows providing a breakdown of behavioral obstacles and opportunities and propose evidence-based improvements.

Fast App Prototyping

prototype Have an idea, but don't have the design & software skills to build it? We specialize in taking an idea and getting into a prototype web or native app efficiently.

Split-testing design

chemical flasks Running split-tests is the best way to check how a change affects both user and business outcomes. It generally involves (i) setting up the split-test, and (ii) analyzing the results.

There are a surprising number of decisions to make up-front to reduce overhead, and PreThink can help you do this in a way that makes senses.

Research reviews

research cards If the topic is interesting, we'll do the legwork of reviewing both academic and industry publications for relevant insights, put it in an easy to understand document, and support distribution.