A few projects we loved contributing to.

📱 Prototype: financial health app

An advisor-tech wanted to turn their in-house models for financial health into a web & mobile app.

After 4 months of collaboration they had a working prototype web-app, a stronger conceptual model, a extentable design system, and began using it in pitches to prospect partners and grant funding.

😕 Self-service game changer

Analysis showed that around 90% of customer service inbounds were for features that already existed in the app. How could we help customers self-sevice and discover these features?

I designed two features that increased feature discovery: (i) a library of educational “tips” displayed during loading screens and (ii) an in-app deep FAQ search.

Customer service loads on these items dropped by 55%.

🌡️ Customer qualitative insights at scale

While it’s easy to see what customers do, it’s often harder to understand why they did it.

I helped design up a decision journaling feature that let customers annotate actions. The value to clients was that it was easy to remember why a transaction was done, and share that info across household members.

We then set up an automated monitoring system to look for novel keywords, trends and insights in anonymized, client entered data.

📈 Risk profiling process audit & revamp

A large US advisor-tech platform wanted to refresh their risk-profiling process. Over the course of 6 weeks I interviewed internal stakeholders and generate an interactive prototype to walk through, as well as a supporting methodology document for regulatory backup.